Alianza Inversora» The Company

Alianza Inversora S.A. is a service company, capable of providing professionals and companies of the Group with a set of provisions tailored to their needs.

The society was set up on the 2nd of June, 1995. Its corporate purpose is of investment, financial and all related commercial activities.

The capital of Alianza Inversora S.A. is made up of 90% of shares of Sancor Coop. de Seguros Ltda. and 10% of shares of Prevención ART. Besides, it has shareholding in other companies: Prevención ART. S.A.; Grupo SS S.A. Common Investment Fund Management Company; Fundación Grupo Sancor Seguros and Sancor Seguros do Brasil Servicos Técnicos S.A.

Its activities began in 1996 collaborating with the commercial area of Prevención ART. Nowadays it is responsible for the development and marketing of merchandising of the group companies, apart from offering a set of services aimed to facilitate the management of those members of this insurance group.